Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Entwickler:11 bit studios  Publisher: Just A Game
Plattform(en):PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360, iOS

Release:08.04.2011, 06.04.2012 (XBLA)

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Steam Errungenschaften

Sorgfältig zusammengetragen von Knirps

Hinweis: Die Liste kann unter Umständen Spoiler zur Story u.ä. Inhalten des Spiels enthalten.
Auf Steam gibt es insgesamt 42 Erfolge/Errungenschaften zu holen.

First Blood
Destroy 10 towers

Repair 5 units

This Stuff Is Good
Collect 14 Carusaurum caches

Little Collector
Collect 20 abilities

Protect deployed Decoy with Smoke Screen

The Suit Works Fine
Use every ability 10 times each

Baghdad Saviour
Complete Baghdad chapter of Story Mode

Blinded Enemy
Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units

Gold Standard
Earn a gold medal

Use 4 different abilities simultaneously

Destroy every tower type 10 times each

Pimp Your Squad
Fully upgrade a unit

Master Technician
Fully upgrade every unit type 2 times each

Earn 50.000 $

Army Nurse
Use one Repair ability to fix 400 damage

Death From Above
Use one Airstrike ability to kill 4 towers

Tokyo Saviour
Complete Tokyo chapter of Story Mode

Earth Saviour
Complete Story Mode

Mayhem Unleashed
Complete Baghdad Mayhem

A Bridge Too Far
Complete Tokyo Raid

Lightning Strike
Earn 10 gold Directness medals

Fists of Stone
Earn 5 gold Ruthlessness medals

Earn 10 gold Efficiency medals

War Hero
Earn every gold medal during Story Mode

Neverending Legend
Earn every Squad Assault Mode gold medal

Destroy 5000 towers

Diversity Is Fun
Complete a mission with squad composed of 6 different units

Complete a mission without using Repair ability

Charge Champ
Complete mission 1 having 7 Repair ability charges in Advanced difficulty mode

Tower Buster
Complete mission 2 with every tower killed in Advanced difficulty mode

On Fire
Complete mission 3 while moving your squad in front each Scorcher in Advanced difficulty mode

What You See
Complete mission 4 without using Decoy ability in Advanced difficulty mode

Charge Master
Complete mission 5 having 20 ability charges in Advanced difficulty mode

Blink Of An Eye
Complete mission 6 while beating timed part in less than 190 seconds in Advanced difficulty mode

As it Comes
Complete mission 7 without a single unit upgrade in Advanced difficulty mode

Complete mission 8 with transporter not being hit in Advanced difficulty mode

Standing Tall
Complete mission 9 without Hero getting knocked down in Advanced difficulty mode

Foot Soldier
Complete mission 10 without using Air Strike ability in Advanced difficulty mode

And Stay Down!
Complete mission 11 without letting Energizer towers respawn other towers in Advanced difficulty mode

Master Strategist
Complete mission 12 while killing at most 44 towers in Advanced difficulty mode

Down But Not Out
Complete mission 13 while letting at least 7 artillery strikes hit your squad in Advanced difficulty mode

Glutton For Punnishment
Complete the last Boss stage while allowing at most 6 respawn waves in Advanced difficulty mode

Santa's Challenge
Grab 20 Santa's gifts from missions 2-4 to get yourself a nice prize

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