Looking Glass

Film-Beschreibung und Details:

After losing their daughter to a tragic accident, shattered couple Ray and Maggie purchase a motel in the middle of nowhere in the hopes of starting a new life. But Ray begins to notice strange goings-on, and starts to piece together the history of a bizarre murder associated with the motel. Poking around in a basement one day, Ray discovers a crawl space, which leads to a two-way mirror into one of the rooms. As he becomes obsessed with the unusual activities that happen beyond the looking glass, his marriage, sanity and his very life are threatened.

  • Regie:Tim Hunter
  • Schauspieler:Nicolas Cage
    Robin Tunney
    Marc Blucas
    Ernie Lively
    Jacque Gray
    Bill Bolender
  • Genre:
  • Kinostart:16. Februar 2018

Looking Glass - Film-Trailer