Owlboy - Soundtracks

Owlboy - Soundtrack
  • Album:Owlboy OST
  • Komponist:Jonathan Geer
  • Tracks:68
  • Veröffentlicht:01.11.2016
1.Main Title01:17 
2.Revered, Exalted, Wise00:44 
3.A Fine Young Owl01:18 
4.Flying Lessons01:02 
5.You Have Failed Me00:30 
6.The Truth About Otus01:03 
7.Otus at Home01:06 
8.Vellie (Owlboy Theme)02:31 
11.The Troublemaker00:58 
12.Vellie Cave00:58 
15.Turtle Guardian Phase 101:21 
16.Turtle Guardian Phase 201:31 
17.Item Fanfare00:05 
18.Why Is It So Dark?00:31 
19.Sky Pirates01:10 
20.The First Relic01:08 
21.Tropos (Day)02:00 
22.Tropos (Night)02:50 
23.Buccanary's Shop00:51 
24.Approaching the Temple01:07 
25.Owl Temple02:07 
26.Barb Battle00:56 
27.Gold Coin 100:32 
28.Gnome Theme01:04 
29.Gnome Chase00:20 
30.Game Over00:07 
31.Who's There?00:27 
32.Pirate Battle01:55 
33.Alphonse's Theme00:21 
34.You're Both to Blame For This01:01 
35.Advent Under Attack02:35 
36.Advent Pirate Miniboss01:42 
37.Approaching the Dreadnought01:41 
38.Alphonse Rescues Otus and Geddy01:22 
39.Dreadnought Escape00:55 
40.Molstrom Destroys Advent00:14 
41.Created By the Owls01:36 
42.Gold Coin 200:30 
43.Flight of the Boguin01:04 
45.The Floating Continent - Jungle01:44 
46.King Kaboon02:00 
48.The Floating Continent - Lava02:31 
49.Gold Coin 300:32 
50.Guardian 2 Battle02:21 
51.Escape From the Floating Continent01:29 
53.History of the Owls02:42 
54.The Lie01:19 
55.Pirate Mothership02:11 
56.Dirk Battle02:17 
57.Something Isn't Right With the World02:07 
58.Such Perfect Peace01:19 
59.Kernelle's Rocketship01:00 
60.Tower of the Owls02:40 
61.The Final Ascent02:59 
62.Ritual Incantation01:27 
63.Solus Battle Phase 101:48 
64.Solus Battle Phase 201:18 
65.Solus Battle Phase 302:00 
67.The Loop Has Ended00:44 
68.End Credits01:56 

Owlboy - Soundtrack
  • Album:Owlboy B-Sides
  • Komponist:Jonathan Geer
  • Tracks:13
  • Veröffentlicht:01.11.2017
1.Advent Theme04:12 
2.Free Roaming Theme02:38 
3.Vellie Cave 202:14 
4.Dungeon 3 Basement03:32 
5.Jungle (alternate theme)03:49 
6.Alphonse Theme00:37 
7.Vellie Cave 302:12 
8.Sawblade Symphony03:08 
9.Hall of Mirrors02:19 
10.Hidden Area00:48 
11.Such Perfect Peace (guitar solo)01:52 
12.Lave Dungeon (live)03:23 
13.Guardian Medley (live)05:06 

  • Entwickler:D-Pad Studio
  • Publisher:D-Pad Studio
  • Genre:Arcade-Plattformer
  • Plattform:PC, PS4, XboxOne, Switch
  • Release:01.11.2016
    (Switch) 13.02.2018
    (PS4, Xbox One) 2018
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite
  • USK:Ab 0 Jahren