The Elder Scrolls Online - Soundtracks

The Elder Scrolls Online - Soundtrack
  • Album:The Elder Scrolls Online Original Game Soundtrack
  • Komponist:Various Artists
  • Label:Bethesda Softworks
  • Tracks:47
  • Veröffentlicht:02.04.2014
1.For Blood, for Glory, for Honor04:59 
2.Moons of Evening Star05:32 
3.The Three Banners: Fanfare01:39 
4.Omens in the Clouds05:18 
5.Echoes of Aldmeris00:55 
6.Weapons Drawn01:47 
7.Yearning for Moonshadow06:17 
8.Lowering the Banners (Sundown)01:15 
9.Dawn Gleams on Cyrodiil05:21 
10.Rubble and Smoke00:55 
11.Comrades in Arms01:21 
12.Y’ffre in Every Leaf05:33 
13.North from Riften01:28 
14.Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug05:42 
15.Elegy for the Remans01:27 
16.Oath of Malacath01:54 
17.Whispers of the Ancestors05:05 
18.Vestige of Hope01:29 
19.Sands of the Alik'r05:26 
20.Winged Twilight01:10 
21.Imperial Legion01:28 
22.Auridon Sunrise05:54 
23.They Did Not Die in Vain01:26 
25.Tamriel Beleagured01:38 
26.To Dance with Daedra01:39 
27.The Towers Cast Long Shadows05:53 
28.Horizons of Cyrodiil01:14 
29.The Legacy of Lorkhan05:19 
30.Arkay Watches01:24 
31.Courage of Ordinary Mortals01:18 
32.The Heart of Nirn06:17 
33.Soaring on Eagle’s Wings01:30 
34.Stendarr’s Mercy05:20 
35.Order of the Ancestor Moth01:05 
36.Onslaught at the Gates02:04 
37.Alas, the Dragon Shall Break06:15 
38.The Keep Has Fallen01:40 
39.Bruma Against the Jeralls05:46 
40.We Honor the Slain01:02 
41.Ruins of the Ayleids01:16 
42.Anequina Beckons06:09 
43.Northpoint Nocturne05:27 
44.Memories of Yokuda Lost05:38 
45.Peril Upon the Sands01:08 
46.Tides of the Abecean Sea05:38 
47.Beauty of Dawn03:31 

The Elder Scrolls Online - Soundtrack
2.Soul-Shriven in Cyrodiil09:10 
3.Radiance and Glory05:02 
4.Flickering Shadows05:59 
5.Somber Vistas06:22 
6.Subterranean Emanation05:18 
7.Restless, Tamriel Dreams06:51 
8.Descend to the Vaults02:02 
9.Voices in the Vaults06:01 
10.The Breath of Kynareth06:36 
11.Tombs Unremembered06:20 
12.The Slopes of Sorrow06:39 
13.Mists of Wrothgar05:35 
14.Recollection of Wars Long Lost07:08 

The Elder Scrolls Online - Soundtrack
  • Album:The Elder Scrolls Online: Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:Brad Derrick
  • Label:Brad Derrick
  • Tracks:36
  • Veröffentlicht:26.10.2017
1.Landing at Abah's01:00 
3.A World Made of Metal06:20 
4.Gold Coast Horizon00:33 
5.Anvil: Sun and Shadows05:25 
6.Blood in the Foyada03:27 
7.Dark Sanctuary06:39 
8.The Brass Fortress05:24 
9.Looks Peaceful Enough07:03 
10.Midnight in Shadow Cleft06:28 
11.Sojourn in Kvatch04:55 
12.Stealing Sunrise01:20 
13.So Many Pockets, so Little Time07:06 
14.Sanctioned Murder03:01 
15.Where Dreams Become Nightmares06:16 
16.Glimmers on the Brazen Horizon05:54 
17.A Land Burdened with History06:39 
18.Malfunction in the Ventral Terminus07:29 
19.I Dreamt of Akos Kasaz01:18 
20.Reverie: Sand and Stone06:11 
21.Hope Just out of Reach04:34 
22.The Order of the Hour05:00 
23.All History Is Vengeance03:14 
24.Drums, Murmurs, and Lamentations06:02 
25.Fanfare in Colovia00:57 
26.The Blessings of Morwha06:19 
27.The Sky Wheels Slowly Spin06:30 
28.Delving the Bane06:58 
29.The Long Memory of Minotaurs04:51 
30.Back Alleys and Bad Intentions01:01 
31.Port of Thieves07:27 
32.Granite and Ashes03:15 
33.Tonal Architecture06:26 
34.Pensive Meditation, with Pirates07:40 
35.Glory of Dawn's Beauty01:03 
36.A Cold Wind Blows from Atmora07:40 

The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Entwickler:ZeniMax Online Studios
  • Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
  • Genre:MMORPG
  • Plattform:PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne
  • Release:04.04.2014
    (Tamriel Unlimited, PC) 17.03.2015
    (TU, Konsolen) 09.06.2015
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite
  • USK:Ab 16 Jahren