Rime - PlayStation Trophies

Hinweis: Die Trophäen-Liste kann unter Umständen Spoiler zur Story u.ä. Inhalten von Rime enthalten. Auf der PlayStation 4 gibt es insgesamt 32 Trophäen und 1.200 Punkte zu holen.

  • The end is a new beginning

    Obtain all trophies.

  • Toyful Child

    Collect all the toys.

  • Full Wardrobe

    Collect all the outfits.

  • Lost Lullaby

    Complete the lost lullaby.

  • The Truth

    Peek through all the keyholes.

  • It's a process

    Recompose all the emblems.

  • Sweet Memory

    Reunite with the white shade.

  • Don't say no

    Leave denial behind.

  • Unbearable

    From victim to victor.

  • Ask for a miracle

    Pay it forward.

  • No hope

    Hit your lowest point.

  • To let go

    Accept things as they are.

  • Without a trace

    Respect the past.

  • Bite the dust

    Break the five strange statues.

  • Jars in the sand

    Break many jars.

  • Lighten up

    Lit many lights.

  • The path of light

    Bring light to the labyrinth of darkness.

  • Ancient treasure

    Try to wake up the lost Sentinel.

  • Happy family

    Reunite the family.

  • Reckless cannonball

    The higher, the funnier!

  • That went too far

    Throw something as far as you can.

  • Careful steps

    Don't smash the eggs.

  • Dark and quiet

    Complete the labyrinth without making a sound.

  • What lies in the deep

    Find the shark.

  • Hold your breath

    Use only one bubble in the underwater cave.

  • Funeral flowers

    Find a nice resting place.

  • Good intentions

    Try to undo a mistake.

  • Blend-in with the surroundings

    Move undetected amongst the shades.

  • From the sky to the abyss

    Witness the resting place of the once mighty.

  • Wrong direction

    The other way was safer.

  • Patience

    Turning your back to the truth and persevering will lead you nowhere.

  • Racing

    Be faster than the Sentinels.