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BattleForge - GamespotUK BattleForge preview ...
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GamespotUK BattleForge previews ...

[...]You will derive your armies from cards you've collected through trades, purchases, or victories and deploy them at will, rather than spending time constructing buildings and harvesting resources. BattleForge will also support social interaction on a large scale, letting you trade, buy, and sell cards in an online marketplace, or take to the battlefield with up to 12 other players.[...]

[...]The action in BattleForge plays out from a traditional RTS point of view, and the core gameplay stays true to these roots in many ways. Selecting and moving units, engaging in battle, and spellcasting will all be familiar to those who have played an RTS before. The real differences were first apparent when we fielded our first army.[...]

[...]One of the more intriguing elements of BattleForge is the stage it sets for social interaction. On the battlefield, players can launch co-op campaigns that actually require both teams to work together.[...]

[...]Another facet of the social side of BattleForge is the online marketplace and forums. Here players will be able to buy booster packs, sell their unwanted cards, and trade with other players, as well as participate in auctions.[...]

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BattleForge - Preview ...