I Am Setsuna - Steam Errungenschaften

Hinweis: Die Liste kann unter Umständen Spoiler zur Story u.ä. Inhalten des Spiels enthalten. Auf Steam gibt es insgesamt 50 Erfolge/Errungenschaften zu holen.

  • A New Direction

    Met Hapsper.

  • A Tale from a Land of Snow

    Obtained all achievements.

  • An Uninvited Guest

    Met Raishin.

  • Those Who Take Up the Sword

    Met Freyja.

  • The Soaring Shipwright

    Met Akash.

  • A Stern Leader

    Met Hydor.

  • Hidden Agenda

    Met Cornelius.

  • Forgotten by Time

    Met Sayagi.

  • Keeper of Legend

    Met Rhydderch.

  • A Thousand Winters

    Met Eutess.

  • From Beyond Oblivion

    Met the youth.

  • Realm of Sealed Hope

    Saw the Apparth Ruins.

  • Realm of Sealed Courage

    Saw the Moolbeld Ruins.

  • Realm of Sealed Love

    Saw the Laniff Ruins.

  • Ruler of the Waves

    Sailed on the exploratory ship.

  • A Forbidden Land

    Saw ???.

  • Waves of Change

    Obtained the Genesis spritnite.

  • Sacred Prayer

    Obtained the Holy Light spritnite.

  • Everlasting Light

    Obtained the Gearadia spritnite.

  • Sacrificial Love

    Obtained the Rebellion spritnite.

  • Bringer of Destruction

    Obtained the Doom spritnite.

  • Pride of the Royals

    Obtained the Eclipse spritnite.

  • Reason for Being

    Obtained the Dragnarok spritnite.

  • Connoisseur of Salty Foods

    Ate Gatherington Fries.

  • Connoisseur of Sour Foods

    Ate Horse Oak Casserole.

  • Connoisseur of Bitter Foods

    Ate Gaia's Blessings Stew.

  • Connoisseur of Sweet Foods

    Ate Starberry Cake.

  • Connoisseur of Savory Foods

    Ate Nive Vegetable Stew.

  • Monster Slayer

    Defeated all members of the Pengy species.

  • The Chosen One

    Defeated all members of the Hoot-Hoot species.

  • Worldly Wisdom

    Defeated all the Spritnite-Eaten Monsters.

  • Total Destruction

    Defeated the Dark Samsara's final form.

  • The Light at the End

    Listened to all the youth's lines and defeated him.

  • Of Legend and Myth

    Defeated the Ruler of Time.

  • Enlightenment

    Made one monster drop four materials at once.

  • Moment of Truth

    Made one monster drop eight materials at once.

  • All-Seeing Eye

    Defeated ten enemies with Exact Kill.

  • Crushing Force

    Defeated ten enemies with Over Kill.

  • Infinite Tactics

    Defeated enemies with all Kill types.

  • Critical Blow

    Inflicted 500 damage in a single hit.

  • Limit Breaker

    Inflicted 1000 damage in a single hit.

  • Awakened Power

    Used Momentum mode ten times in a single battle.

  • Harmonic Heart

    Used combos in Momentum mode 30 times.

  • Momentum Master

    Used Momentum mode 100 times.

  • Seeker of Power

    Fluxation occurred ten times in Command Spritnite.

  • Seeker of Knowledge

    Fluxation occurred ten times in Support Spritnite.

  • Seeker of Truth

    Fluxation occurred four times in a single battle.

  • Ruler of Heaven and Earth

    Fluxation occurred 200 times.

  • Spritnite Master

    Added maximum Fluxes to a spritnite stone.

  • Miracle Alchemist

    Used one megalixir.

I Am Setsuna
  • Entwickler:Tokyo RPG Factory
  • Publisher:Square Enix
  • Genre:JRPG
  • Plattform:PC, PS4, Switch, PSVita
  • Release:19.07.2016
    (Japan) 18.02.2016
    (Switch) 03.03.2017
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite
  • USK:Ab 6 Jahren