I Am Setsuna - Soundtrack

I Am Setsuna - Soundtrack
  • Album:Winter's End (I Am Setsuna) [Original Soundtrack Collection]
  • Komponist:Tomoki Miyoshi
  • Label:Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc.
  • Tracks:27
  • Veröffentlicht:20.07.2016
1.Voices of Winter01:17 
2.Eternal Winter03:24 
3.Rounds of the Fates02:19 
4.Redemption and Forgiveness03:22 
5.Little Dancing Light02:48 
6.Of Noble Blood02:53 
7.Dark Anomaly03:18 
8.Frozen Grief02:55 
9.Town by the Sea03:06 
10.Song in the Wind03:15 
11.Old Hearth03:08 
12.Sorrowful Winds02:44 
13.Safe Haven03:19 
14.The Warmth of Hope02:02 
15.What Meets the Eye02:27 
16.The Power of Time03:12 
17.Frozen Highlands03:05 
18.The Forrest of Light03:05 
19.Hidden Motives02:52 
20.The Last Stretch03:05 
21.Once Upon a Time...03:14 
22.The Ancient Bloodline03:09 
23.Whisper to the Heart03:17 
24.Like a Boss!02:27 
25.Stories of Old03:12 
26.Beyond the Snow (feat. Kotringo)03:46 
27.An End to the Journey03:20 

I Am Setsuna
  • Entwickler:Tokyo RPG Factory
  • Publisher:Square Enix
  • Genre:JRPG
  • Plattform:PC, PS4, Switch, PSVita
  • Release:19.07.2016
    (Japan) 18.02.2016
    (Switch) 03.03.2017
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite
  • USK:Ab 6 Jahren