Miner Wars 2081 - Soundtrack

Miner Wars 2081 - Soundtrack
  • Album:Miner Wars 2081 (Official Soundtrack, Vol. 1.0)
  • Komponist:Karel Antonin & Marek Mrkvicka
  • Label:Karel Antonin
  • Tracks:33
  • Veröffentlicht:10.08.2012
1.Year 208101:29 
2.Life in the Mines, Day 58203:00 
3.Battle Suite (Part 1)01:46 
5.Lost in the Distance01:06 
6.Abandoned Colony02:04 
7.Battle Suite (Part 2)03:02 
8.Farewell to a Friend01:06 
9.Stellar Illumination03:00 
11.Motherships Approaching!03:07 
13.Battle Suite (Part 3)02:26 
14.The Cavalry01:26 
15.Gloomy Space01:46 
16.Creeping Death02:05 
17.Look At Them!02:07 
18.Sneaking in the Shadow01:30 
19.They Are All Around02:31 
21.Adagio for a Miner01:44 
22.Fight Like One01:49 
24.The Armies Assemble01:42 
25.Fight for Honor01:46 
26.Out of Reach03:09 
27.One Last Chance!01:44 
28.Beyond Good and Evil01:38 
30.The Fourth Reich (Bonus)00:40 
31.Welcome to Arena (Mw Arena)03:40 
32.Lost in the Tunnels (Mw Arena)03:01 
33.Drill! (Mw Arena)02:30 

Miner Wars 2081
  • Entwickler:Keen Software House
  • Publisher:Keen Software House
  • Genre:Online-Shooter
  • Plattform:PC
  • Release:28.11.2012
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite