Assassin's Creed: Origins - Soundtrack

Assassin's Creed: Origins - Soundtrack
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1.Assassin’s Creed Origins Main Theme03:15 
2.Return of the Medjay02:30 
3.Bayek of Siwa02:35 
4.The Shimmering Sands03:07 
5.The Battle of Krokodilopolis02:29 
6.The Tongueless Land03:28 
7.Legions of Blood02:38 
8.Dead Kings and Living Gods03:20 
9.Fire in the Duat03:17 
10.Born of the Sun02:38 
11.Winds of Cyrene04:07 
12.I Walk on Your Water03:09 
13.The Order of Ancients01:53 
14.Nomads of the White Desert02:54 
15.Be My Eyes01:48 
16.The Cracked Wall01:54 
17.The Alexandrian Pleiad03:44 
18.Desert Delirium01:56 
19.Apep’s Vengeance02:40 
20.Across the Dunes02:34 
21.The Last Medjay02:14 
22.Chthonic Invasion01:44 
23.A Divided Land02:17 
24.Ptolemy’s Lament02:41 
25.The Hyena's Fire02:51 
26.Moonlight on the Nile01:39 
27.Ezio’s Family - Origins Version02:23