Battlefield 1 - Soundtracks

Battlefield 1 - Soundtrack
1.Battlefield One03:20 
2.The War to End All Wars03:23 
3.Mud and Blood03:04 
5.Prologue "We Push.."01:57 
6.Nothing Is Written03:40 
7.Avanti Savoia03:31 
8.The Ambush03:06 
9.Black Bess02:35 
10.Steel on Steel01:56 
11.The Swindle03:24 
12.Sinai Desert01:54 
13.Metal Frenzy01:41 
14.Battle Victorious01:08 
15.Battlefield Classic Theme / Mayhem View03:15 
16.The Flight of the Pigeon01:41 
17.Flight School03:07 
18.Something Big Is Coming03:44 
19.Friends in High Places01:59 
20.Knights of the Sky03:24 
22.The Runner04:51 
23.Epilogue "We Will Fight.."02:13 
24.Dawn of a New Time03:14 
25.Libera Me02:32 

Battlefield 1 - Soundtrack
  • Album:Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:Johan Söderqvist
  • Label:EA TM Music
  • Tracks:7
  • Veröffentlicht:15.12.2017
1.Horror & Darkness02:26 
2.They Shall Not Pass02:51 
3.Facing North01:52 
4.The Underworld03:43 
6.Get Us out of Here02:56 
7.The Fields01:27 

Battlefield 1 - Soundtrack
  • Album:Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:Johan Söderqvist
  • Label:EA TM Music
  • Tracks:16
  • Veröffentlicht:26.01.2018
1.In the Name of the Tsar02:26 
2.Lupkow Pass01:19 
3.Remain Standing02:12 
4.Grace and Glory02:45 
5.Sword in Hand02:35 
6.Hunting Down03:37 
7.The Wolves02:35 
8.Russian Dirge03:07 
9.Snow and Mist02:10 
10.Going Home00:52 
11.Albion Assault03:17 
12.Volga River02:37 
13.Brusilov Keep00:24 
14.Grace and Glory, Pt. 201:49 
15.The Fear of Everything02:37