Double Kick Heroes - Soundtrack

Double Kick Heroes - Soundtrack
  • Album:Double Kick Heroes, Vol.1 (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:elmobo
  • Label:Materia Collective
  • Tracks:28
  • Veröffentlicht:11.04.2018
1.Run For Your Lives01:15 
2.Double Kick Heroes01:29 
3.The Running Dead01:31 
4.The Road To Hell01:54 
5.Planet Error02:11 
6.Road Freak02:26 
8.Sawing Your Head Off02:10 
9.We're Gonna Rock Your Socks Off03:27 
10.Destroy and Race and Groove02:14 
11.Rust In The Wind02:27 
12.Die Untoten03:29 
13.Condemned to Slaughter02:28 
14.I'm Marching Now02:20 
15.Warriors Of The Badlands02:39 
16.Surprise You're Undead02:15 
17.Thrasher's Delight02:16 
18.Harmonic Mayhem02:34 
19.Undead And Kicking02:57 
20.The Evil Zombies Do03:06 
21.Don't Bite My Butt02:32 
22.We Are The Devs02:38 
23.Tease Me Macaroni01:11 
24.I'm Marching Now - Instrumental Version02:19 
25.The Evil Zombies Do - Instrumental Version03:10 
26.Don't Bite My Butt - Instrumental Version02:33 
27.We Are The Devs - Instrumental Version02:38 
28.Die Untoten - Instrumental Version03:30 

Double Kick Heroes
  • Entwickler:HeadbangClub
  • Publisher:HeadbangClub
  • Genre:Musik
  • Plattform:PC, Mac
  • Early Access:11.04.2018
  • Release:2018
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite