Wizard of Legend - Soundtrack

Wizard of Legend - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Wizard of Legend (Original Game Soundtrack)

  • Komponist:Dale North
  • Label:Scarlet Moon Records
  • Tracks:14
  • Veröffentlicht:15.05.2018
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1.Wizard of Legend (Title)01:26 
2.Lanova's Treasures (Museum)03:32 
3.Prepare for Chaos (Plaza)02:29 
4.Freiya's Cage (Ice)04:56 
5.Atlas's Terrace (Earth)04:51 
6.Zeal's Forge (Fire)05:12 
7.Shuu's Spire (Air)04:13 
8.Arcane Refuge (Home)04:14 
9.Duel (Boss)03:16 
10.Duel of Legend (Final Boss)02:44 
11.Magical Merrymaking (Ending)02:59 
12.Legendary Deeds (Credits)01:43 
13.Conjurer's Call (Debut Trailer)01:23 
14.Wizard's Wail (Launch Trailer)00:50 

Wizard of Legend