Hand of Fate 2 - Soundtrack

Hand of Fate 2 - Soundtrack
  • Album:Hand of Fate II (Original Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:Jeff van Dyck
  • Label:Jeff van Dyck
  • Tracks:34
  • Veröffentlicht:07.11.2017
1.Hand of Fate II (The Beginning)03:23 
2.The Game We Play00:43 
3.Deal of the Next Millennia01:16 
4.Voice of the Sun04:14 
5.Spiritual Rancor04:33 
6.Outer Demons03:19 
8.Return to the Game03:24 
9.Another Devil02:44 
10.Wayward Path03:20 
11.Until Midnight02:15 
12.Hero's Battle02:58 
13.Deep Conflict02:24 
15.Bad Hand01:12 
16.Kneel and Fray04:37 
17.Surly Towers02:13 
18.Space Canoe02:33 
19.Hand Over Your Lute02:52 
21.Sisters of Murky02:36 
22.Lucidity Redux - Redux04:12 
23.Hand of Fate II03:41 
24.Morning Mist03:32 
25.The Defiant Ones03:39 
26.Violent Elephant02:49 
27.Mind Chamber02:15 
28.Resistance of the Path04:45 
29.Wheel of Fate01:30 
30.Giant Moon03:08 
31.Dark Sword03:00 
32.Effect and Cause01:50 
33.Fatal Hand06:13 
34.Till We Meet Again05:25 

Hand of Fate 2
  • Entwickler:Defiant Development
  • Publisher:Defiant Development
  • Genre:Action-RPG
  • Plattform:PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne
  • Release:07.11.2017
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite