State of Decay 2 - Soundtrack

State of Decay 2 - Soundtrack
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1.State of Decay 2 Main Theme03:09 
2.Fields of Red02:25 
3.It Takes Restraint03:43 
4.Finding the Way02:47 
5.Along the Perimeter03:28 
6.New Hope03:26 
7.Disturbance at the Neighbours02:46 
8.Help from Strangers02:57 
9.Zombie Brawl02:00 
10.Prepare for Onslaught02:25 
11.Running from History03:11 
12.Fighting Chance03:13 
14.What Might Have Been01:18 
15.Friendly Funeral01:24 
16.New Prospects03:12 
17.Obsolete Intent01:44 
18.They Keep Coming02:15 
19.Time to Act02:07 
21.Adverse Effect01:17 
22.Into the Fire03:13 
23.Dangerous Microbes02:02 
24.Night Approaches03:21 
25.Hope Runs Thin04:15 
27.Hills of My Hometown04:15 
28.Promised Land02:15 
29.Time to Rebuild03:20 
31.Not Always Right03:08 
33.Land of Plenty03:21 

State of Decay 2