Celeste - Soundtracks

Celeste - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Celeste - Madeline's Grab Bag

  • Komponist:Lena Raine
  • Tracks:18
  • Veröffentlicht:14.02.2018
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1.Kevin Regamey - Forsaken City (8-Bit)02:13 
2.Kevin Regamey - Old Site (8-Bit)02:13 
3.Kevin Regamey - Celestial Resort (8-Bit)02:13 
4.Kevin Regamey - Golden (8-Bit)02:13 
5.Kevin Regamey - Mirror Temple (8-Bit)02:13 
6.Kevin Regamey - Reflection (8-Bit)02:13 
7.Summit (8-Bit)02:13 
8.The Core (8-Bit)02:13 
9.First Steps (Piano Only)03:44 
10.Shattered Mirror00:23 
11.Enter the Mirror00:18 
12.Kevin Regamey, Lena Raine - Secret Shrine01:19 
13.Kevin Regamey, Lena Raine - Madeline Levels Up00:13 
14.Chapter Complete - Ascending00:09 
15.Chapter Complete - Normal00:17 
16.Chapter Complete - Summit00:24 
17.Chapter Complete - Ascending B-Sides00:09 
18.Chapter Complete - B-Sides00:18 

Celeste - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Celeste (Original Soundtrack)

  • Komponist:Lena Raine
  • Label:Radical Dreamland
  • Tracks:21
  • Veröffentlicht:25.01.2018
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2.First Steps03:38 
5.Postcard from Celeste Mountain01:32 
6.Checking In07:04 
7.Spirit of Hospitality01:44 
8.Scattered and Lost05:53 
11.Quiet and Falling07:27 
12.In the Mirror09:37 
13.Madeline and Theo03:08 
16.Confronting Myself04:09 
17.Little Goth02:58 
18.Reach for the Summit11:08 
20.Heart of the Mountain06:22 
21.My Dearest Friends02:13 

Celeste - Soundtrack
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1.Forsaken City - Sever the Skyline Mix02:30 
2.Old Site - Black Moonrise Mix03:23 
3.Celestial Resort - Good Karma Mix03:45 
4.Golden Ridge - Golden Feather Mix04:53 
5.Mirror Temple - Mirror Magic Mix03:55 
6.Reflection - Center of the Earth Mix02:54 
7.Summit - No More Running Mix08:36 
8.The Core - Say Goodbye Mix03:46 
9.Area 1 Demo - Bonus Track01:12 

  • Entwickler:Matt Makes Games
  • Publisher:Matt Makes Games
  • Genre:Arcade-Plattformer
  • Plattform:PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Switch
  • Release:25.01.2018
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite
  • USK:Ab 6 Jahren