Legrand Legacy - Soundtrack

Legrand Legacy - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Legrand Legacy (Original Soundtrack)

  • Komponist:Inharmonics
  • Label:INharmonics
  • Tracks:12
  • Veröffentlicht:24.01.2018
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1.Destiny Begins03:02 
2.Amidst the Breeze01:58 
3.Suteki Na Mono03:06 
4.Her Father's Pendant02:38 
5.The Trader's Route02:34 
6.The Thing About Fate02:03 
7.Baptism in Water01:43 
8.Dance of the Forest02:05 
9.Victory's Parade02:35 
10.A Quiet Journey02:13 
11.Against a God03:04 
12.Suteki Na Mono - Reprise02:24 

Legrand Legacy