Tangledeep - Soundtrack

Tangledeep - Soundtrack
  • Album:Tangledeep Original Soundtrack
  • Komponist:zircon
  • Tracks:30
  • Veröffentlicht:01.02.2018
1.Theme of Tangledeep02:28 
2.Riverstone Reprieve (Town Theme)03:30 
3.Pastoral Excursion (Tutorial Area)04:02 
4.Mirai the Heroine (Dungeon Theme 1)05:45 
5.Down by the Corral (Town Theme 2)02:32 
6.Earthen Labyrinth (Dungeon Theme 2)05:55 
7.What's In That Barrel? (Fun Merchant)02:16 
8.Foreboding (Villain Theme 1)01:38 
9.Bandit Boss Battle (Boss Theme 1)02:54 
11.Hiroki Kikuta - Land of Blooming Mushrooms (Fungal Caverns)06:14 
12.Mysteries of Time (Dungeon Theme 3)05:43 
13.Exploring the Shifting Stones (Dungeon Theme 4)04:56 
14.Norihiko Hibino - Child of the Forest (Shara's Theme)04:30 
15.The Great Sand Villa (Desert Theme)03:25 
16.Grant Kirkhope - Step Right Up! (Casino)04:02 
17.Eternal Verdant Waltz (Dungeon Theme 5)05:15 
18.Norihiko Hibino, Andrew Aversa - Unyielding Ambition (Villain Theme 2)02:23 
19.Clash With a Mighty Foe (Boss Theme 2)02:22 
20.Lost Relics of the Ancients (Dungeon Theme 6)05:37 
21.The Final Battle03:00 
22.Ending Credits02:51 
23.Defeat (Game Over)01:15 
24.Time to Rest00:07 
25.Commander of Monsters (Training Theme)01:48 
26.Reunion of Hope02:18 
27.Hiroki Kikuta - Land of Blooming Mushrooms (Original Version)03:18 
28.Norihiko Hibino - Child of the Forest (Original Version)02:34 
29.Tangledeep Launch Trailer01:12 
30.Tangledeep Early Access Trailer01:05