Batman: Arkham City - Soundtrack

Batman: Arkham City - Soundtrack
  • Album:Batman: Arkham City - Original Videogame Score
  • Komponist:Nick Arundel
  • Label:WaterTower Music
  • Tracks:19
  • Veröffentlicht:18.10.2011
1.Arkham City Main Theme02:47 
2.Sorry, Boys01:49 
3.A Monument to Your Failure01:56 
4.Have You Got My Location04:20 
5.This Court Is Now In Session02:16 
6.It Was the Joker02:19 
7.I Think You Should Do As He Says02:35 
8.Refusal Will Not Be Tolerated02:43 
9.Wham. Gotcha!03:28 
10.Let's Hear Him Squeal03:00 
11.I Know What You Guys Are Thinking03:34 
12.It's Initiation Time01:59 
13.What's He Doing Here?02:14 
14.How Does It Feel, Pig?02:19 
15.Call Him Off04:36 
16.You Should Have Listened to My Warning02:10 
17.You Need to Think This Through02:43 
18.Bring Her Back to Me02:08 
19.It's Not Even Breakfast03:50