Oure - Soundtrack

Oure - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Oure (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

  • Komponist:Ian Livingstone
  • Label:Ian Livingstone
  • Tracks:10
  • Veröffentlicht:03.11.2017
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1.Oure Theme02:06 
2.The Mystery of the Titans03:41 
3.Growing Up00:56 
4.Skies of Oure02:56 
5.Return to Oure02:05 
6.They Need My Help02:07 
7.I Know What I Have to Do02:09 
8.Flight Amongst the Clouds02:37 
9.A New Beginning for Oure03:06 
10.Oure Reprise02:06 

  • Entwickler:Heavy Spectrum
  • Publisher:Heavy Spectrum
  • Genre:Action-Adventure
  • Plattform:PC, PS4
  • Release:30.10.2017
    (PC) 17.11.2017
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite