The Red Strings Club - Soundtrack

The Red Strings Club - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    The Red Strings Club Original Soundtrack

  • Komponist:fingerspit
  • Label:fingerspit
  • Tracks:20
  • Veröffentlicht:29.01.2018
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1.The Red Strings Club04:01 
2.Initial Spark01:46 
3.Labyrinth Summons03:01 
4.Who Makes the Rules03:12 
5.Consultant Engineer05:33 
6.Corporate Lawyer04:42 
7.Empathy Algorithms05:38 
8.Marketing Director08:00 
9.Occult Synth02:23 
10.Freelance Torturer05:20 
11.Macro Psychologist05:04 
12.Social Engineering09:00 
13.A Child's Dream03:25 
14.In Love with Human Beings04:15 
15.Flashes Before Your Gaze07:56 
16.The Web of Chaos02:47 
17.Artificial Flaws02:01 
18.Machine Learning04:08 
20.Cyclic Redundancy Check02:40 

The Red Strings Club
  • Entwickler:Deconstructeam
  • Publisher:Devolver Digital
  • Genre:Adventure
  • Plattform:PC
  • Release:22.01.2018