Dandara - Soundtrack

Dandara - Soundtrack
  • Album:

    Dandara (Official Soundtrack)

  • Komponist:Thommaz Kauffmann
  • Label:Raw Fury
  • Tracks:20
  • Veröffentlicht:06.02.2018
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1.Dandara's Purpose03:14 
2.Gap Between Two Worlds00:40 
3.A New Hope04:50 
4.Their Pleas Echoed Through Time03:16 
5.No More Singing Birds04:33 
6.Once a Beautiful Horizon07:21 
7.Remain in Oblivion02:31 
8.Weight of a Doubt05:08 
10.A Leap Towards Freedom03:12 
11.Crumbling Memories07:23 
12.Eternal Sigh03:12 
13.Lingering Question01:45 
14.Hidden in Logic05:07 
15.Hopefully a Nightmare06:55 
16.Golden Menace04:05 
17.Golden Fortress05:58 
18.The Relentless Choir05:47 
19.Stories of Freedom00:43 
20.Dandara's Legacy06:52 

  • Entwickler:Long Hat House
  • Publisher:Raw Fury Games
  • Genre:Arcade-Action
  • Plattform:PC, Mac, PS4, XboxOne, Switch, iOS, Android
  • Release:06.02.2018
  • Link:Offizielle Gamesite