Apex Construct - PlayStation Trophies

Hinweis: Die Trophäen-Liste kann unter Umständen Spoiler zur Story u.ä. Inhalten von Apex Construct enthalten. Auf der PlayStation 4 gibt es insgesamt 15 Trophäen und 315 Punkte zu holen.

  • Disturbing the peace

    Alert the crabs in Hello World

  • Home, sweet home

    Get to the safe house

  • Headache

    Crash Fathr's Head to the ground

  • Problem child

    Pay Mothr a return visit

  • Full charge

    Power up the cloaking device

  • Björnen sover

    Defeat the Bear Behemoth in the caves

  • Finally!

    Gain access to the locked room in the safe house

  • No doors, no masters

    Gain the highest security access level

  • This is the end

    Defeat the Bear Behemoth in the CARF Teleportation lab

  • It's electric!

    Electrify water & damage an enemy

  • Boom!

    Hurt/kill an enemy with a Radiance Mine

  • Spender

    Spend RP at a Vending Machine

  • Unhealthy hoarder

    Find all collectibles

  • Bedtime stories

    Find all lore texts

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Find all secrets, lore texts & collectibles

Apex Construct