Trine 2 - Soundtrack

Trine 2 - Soundtrack
  • Album:Trine 2 Soundtrack Special Edition
  • Komponist:Ari Pulkkinen
  • Label:AriTunes
  • Tracks:23
  • Veröffentlicht:30.12.2011
1.Trine 2 Main Theme02:33 
2.The Story Begins02:57 
3.The Mighty Warrior Pontius01:38 
4.The Mighty Warrior Pontius Part II01:38 
5.Thieves Guild01:45 
6.Mudwater Dale03:01 
7.Waltz Of The Temple Forest Elves03:45 
9.Mosslight Marsh03:31 
10.Snake, Oh It's A Snake!01:29 
11.Petrified Tree03:40 
12.Goblins! Part II01:19 
13.Shadowed Halls03:45 
14.The Lost Court Of Mushroom Caves03:12 
15.Hushing Grove03:43 
16.For The Kingdom!01:29 
17.Searock Castle04:49 
18.Eldritch Passages03:46 
19.Icewarden Keep04:01 
20.The Giant Dragon02:56 
21.Trine 2 Main Theme (Storybook Version)01:30 
22.Trine 2 Main Theme (Orchestral Version)02:06 
23.The Giant Dragon (Orchestral Version)02:24