Might and Magic Heroes VI - Soundtrack

Might and Magic Heroes VI - Soundtrack
  • Album:Might & Magic Heroes VI (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Komponist:Various Artists
  • Label:Ubisoft Music
  • Tracks:26
  • Veröffentlicht:13.10.2011
1.The Last Stand of Duke Pavel Griffin01:24 
2.Heroic Battle (Remix By Rick Knight)02:49 
3.The Walls of Falcon's Reach03:02 
4.Songs of Innocence and Experience (Kiril's Theme)02:06 
5.Ghosts of the Past (Slava's Theme)02:11 
7.Fighting the Waves (Irina's Theme)01:59 
9.The Jungles of Hashima02:58 
10.The Archangel03:04 
11.The Dragon Knight03:02 
12.The Tide Rises02:56 
13.Isles of Judgement03:04 
14.Flight of the Griffin (Theme of the Griffin Dynasty)02:57 
15.Blood and Tears (Main Theme of Heroes VI)03:17 
16.The Vale of Heresh03:10 
17.Fateful Battle (Remix By Rick Knight)02:25 
18.The Alchemy of Grief (Anastasya's Theme)02:02 
20.What's In a Name (Anton's Theme)02:03 
22.The Abyss02:47 
23.The Second Eclipse03:18 
24.The Flower of the North (Sveltana's Theme)01:48 
25.A Hero with No Name (Sandor's Theme)01:49 
26.Autumn Is Coming03:23