Anomaly: Warzone Earth - Steam Errungenschaften

Hinweis: Die Liste kann unter Umständen Spoiler zur Story u.ä. Inhalten des Spiels enthalten. Auf Steam gibt es insgesamt 42 Erfolge/Errungenschaften zu holen.

  • First Blood

    Destroy 10 towers

  • Repairman

    Repair 5 units

  • This Stuff Is Good

    Collect 14 Carusaurum caches

  • Little Collector

    Collect 20 abilities

  • Eureka

    Protect deployed Decoy with Smoke Screen

  • The Suit Works Fine

    Use every ability 10 times each

  • Baghdad Saviour

    Complete Baghdad chapter of Story Mode

  • Blinded Enemy

    Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units

  • Gold Standard

    Earn a gold medal

  • Multitasker

    Use 4 different abilities simultaneously

  • Towerbane

    Destroy every tower type 10 times each

  • Pimp Your Squad

    Fully upgrade a unit

  • Master Technician

    Fully upgrade every unit type 2 times each

  • Millionaire

    Earn 50.000 $

  • Army Nurse

    Use one Repair ability to fix 400 damage

  • Death From Above

    Use one Airstrike ability to kill 4 towers

  • Tokyo Saviour

    Complete Tokyo chapter of Story Mode

  • Earth Saviour

    Complete Story Mode

  • Mayhem Unleashed

    Complete Baghdad Mayhem

  • A Bridge Too Far

    Complete Tokyo Raid

  • Lightning Strike

    Earn 10 gold Directness medals

  • Fists of Stone

    Earn 5 gold Ruthlessness medals

  • Provident

    Earn 10 gold Efficiency medals

  • War Hero

    Earn every gold medal during Story Mode

  • Neverending Legend

    Earn every Squad Assault Mode gold medal

  • Avenger

    Destroy 5000 towers

  • Diversity Is Fun

    Complete a mission with squad composed of 6 different units

  • Survivalist

    Complete a mission without using Repair ability

  • Charge Champ

    Complete mission 1 having 7 Repair ability charges in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Tower Buster

    Complete mission 2 with every tower killed in Advanced difficulty mode

  • On Fire

    Complete mission 3 while moving your squad in front each Scorcher in Advanced difficulty mode

  • What You See

    Complete mission 4 without using Decoy ability in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Charge Master

    Complete mission 5 having 20 ability charges in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Blink Of An Eye

    Complete mission 6 while beating timed part in less than 190 seconds in Advanced difficulty mode

  • As it Comes

    Complete mission 7 without a single unit upgrade in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Unscathed

    Complete mission 8 with transporter not being hit in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Standing Tall

    Complete mission 9 without Hero getting knocked down in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Foot Soldier

    Complete mission 10 without using Air Strike ability in Advanced difficulty mode

  • And Stay Down!

    Complete mission 11 without letting Energizer towers respawn other towers in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Master Strategist

    Complete mission 12 while killing at most 44 towers in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Down But Not Out

    Complete mission 13 while letting at least 7 artillery strikes hit your squad in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Glutton For Punnishment

    Complete the last Boss stage while allowing at most 6 respawn waves in Advanced difficulty mode

  • Santa's Challenge

    Grab 20 Santa's gifts from missions 2-4 to get yourself a nice prize