Bereits im Oktober vergangenen Jahres haben Ubisoft Montpellier die Entwicklung von Beyond Good & Evil 2 mit ersten Artworks bestätigt, nun folgte Ubisoft den lauten Rufen den Fangemeinde und präsentierte auf der E3 2017 einen ersten Blick auf die Fortsetzung des Fantasy-Abenteuers, der durch einen emotionalen Auftritt von Michel Ancel begleitet wird. Der im Anschluss gezeigte Cinematic-Trailer fokusiert sich dabei auf die einzelnen Charaktere des Spiels. Daneben hielt man sich mit weiteren Informationen erstmal bedeckt, das gilt gleichermaßen für den Releasetermin oder Zeitraum, als auch für die Plattformen auf denen Beyond Good & Evil 2 veröffentlicht werden wird. Wer von Anfang an dabei sein will, sollte sich beim Space Monkey Programm registieren - dem Beta-Programm von BGE2.

"We know fans’ expectations for Beyond Good & Evil2 are enormous, which is why we first wanted to make sure we had a concept and technology that would astonish players. I’m incredibly thankful to Ubisoft and to the fans for giving us the time and the trust to get it right," said Michel Ancel, Creative Director. "We’re creating a sci-fi space opera, a game where players fight for freedom alongside unforgettable characters and explore a stunning and vast solar system, all while capturing the spirit of Beyond Good & Evil."

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good & Evil2 puts players in System 3, a solar system that is at the center of interstellar colonization and trade in the Milky Way in the 24th century. While private enterprises exploit hybrid slave for domination over resources, System 3 colonists struggle to survive and give meaning to their existence by weaving together the diverse heritages of Old Earth. So begins a new era of space piracy.

In this Action-Adventure you can play alone or with friends, everyone will take part in the intense action and drama found throughout System 3’s planets, moons and space. Beyond Good & Evil2 is being developed on Voyager, a new proprietary engine and set of tools the team at Ubisoft Montpellier spent three years building. This breakthrough technology is capable of generating vast worlds, tailor-made territories with rich, gorgeous environments, and robust online systems.

Fans who want to participate in the creation of BG&E2 can sign up now to join the Space Monkey Program. The Space Monkey Program is a new initiative from Ubisoft Montpellier that will directly connect players with members of the development team. Players will be able to share ideas and feedback, as well as have opportunities to participate in the game’s live development. To join the program, players can visit

"Beyond Good & Evil2 represents everything that we love about making and playing games," said Yves Guillemot, CEO and Co-Founder, Ubisoft. "Beyond Good & Evil2 will offer a unique creative vision and game world, will embrace live game development, and will push the boundaries of the latest hardware to deliver a truly memorable experience."

Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Boxart
  • Entwickler:Ubisoft Montpellier
  • Publisher:Ubisoft
  • Genre:Action-Adventure
  • Plattform:PC, PS4, XboxOne, Switch
  • Release:2018

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